Great advice for going after a goal with a plan and ALL In mentality versus wishing and wanting a dream! Have you “Crossed the Rubicon” toward your goals?

‘Grit’ Author Angela Duckworth Says 1 Word Separates People Who Give Up From People Who Get Back Up Again. The pioneering psychologist says those with exceptional grit all share one particular mindset.


“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” Ben Franklin supposedly said. He probably should have added another item to his list–setbacks.

No matter how privileged, talented, and determined you are, in life you will face setbacks. People will tell you no. You’ll try and you’ll fail. You’ll have moments when you worry you don’t have what it takes. Given that failure is universal, why do some people get back up again while others give up?

There is probably no one better qualified to answer this question than Angela Duckworth. A University of Pennsylvania psychologist and blockbuster TED speaker, she also wrote the bible of perseverance, Grit. She recently took to the TED Ideas blog to explain what separates those who quit from those who stay the course. Her answer boils down to a single word.