As we prepare for a return to our workplaces, there are several things for a company’s leadership to consider that enable employees to stay safe and feel comfortable in their environment. KnollPropmodo and Gensler published some tips and guidelines that help employers plan and implement their teams policies, procedures and environment upon return to the workplace. Some of the considerations include:

  • Develop people-focused policies and procedures
    • Establish flexible work strategies
    • Allocate spaces and tools to discourage shared usage
    • Upgrade technology for seamless, reliable remote working
    • Clearly communicate goals, objectives and new policy and procedures
  • Create spaces that allow people to be “alone together”
    • Consider working in shifts with staggered users to maintain 6-foot distances
    • Create enclosures or delineate space. Encourage one way traffic patterns for office flow
    • Reduce the number of people in meeting spaces or meet in open spaces with social distancing
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Office Cleanliness
    • Maintain a healthy physical environment 
    • adding no touch sanitizer dispensers and tissue dispensers and waste containers near common doorways
    • Add sensors and no-touch technology for hands-free operation
    • Encourage employees to stay at home with any symptoms and support employee health and wellness
    • Promote hygienic measures

Putting these types of practices into place will further the safety and productivity of the in-office workforce, while conveying the importance of their health and well being.

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