Companies are figuring out how to re-use office space safely and in the process developing new methods. An article in Fast Company, From ‘officles’ to giant sneeze guards: How COVID-19 will change your open office, presents some interesting ideas like:                

  • Mud Rooms: instead of typical receptions, a place to remove outer clothing, wash your hands, and maybe take a tempature check before entering the rest of the space.
  • Clear Cubicles: cubicles with additional separation by adding Plexiglas to height and front.
  • Officles: a cross between an office and a cubical with 3 walls, 8’x8’ and an open front.

Bigger issues to solve are common areas like elevators, corridors and restrooms where 6’ spacing is difficult or impossible. Maybe this will push some companies from densely packed downtown high rises to smaller low rise suburban buildings.

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