We all knew it, but now Yale scientists have proven that Zoom Calls are not as good as meeting in person!

The Brutal Truth of What Zoom Calls Do to Your Brain, According to New Yale Research

We’re years into the pandemic-driven explosion in remote work and, while most of us have gotten used to having many more remote meetings, they still seem a little awkward.

There’s the uncertainty about where to look, the hesitant wave goodbye at the end, the fiddling around with settings at the beginning, the unpleasantness of constantly watching yourself, and that one colleague who has really odd taste in backgrounds.

All of which creates a subjective feeling for many that spending time on Zoom — while possibly still preferable to a daily commute — can be exhausting and somehow unsatisfying. Are we all just still getting used to meeting by video? Is it just a quirk of the tech? Or is something more fundamental going on within our brains that makes Zoom feel so awkward?