It is clear that the hybrid work from home results and future are unclear! Just read the recent Denver Business Journal article on the topic and your head will be spinning. But common sense tells me that if you cannot do your job better by going to the office, why should you. And I think certain jobs and situations require more collaboration/office time than others.

Likewise, I believe certain people may need more time in the office than others to be effective and happy with their job. Each company will have to evaluate what works best for their situation. In the end, the office does have to be a place that employees want to go and that enhances their productivity.

The return to office is losing steam. Here’s how to make your office a magnet.

By Andy Medici  –  Senior Reporter, The Playbook,

Aug 17, 2022

The much-vaunted return-to-the-office has plateaued — and many workers remain uninterested in coming back full time.

According to the latest data from Work from Home Research, released in late July in collaboration with Stanford University and the University of Chicago, the percentage of paid full days worked from home has stabilized at just over 30% of an average week. Among workers who had previously worked at least some amount of time from home during the pandemic, that share of days worked from home has stabilized at just under 50%.

Roughly 15% of workers are fully remote, compared to about 52% who are full-time onsite and about 33% who are hybrid, although the hybrid percentage continues to increase as the disconnect over remote work appears to be narrowing.