Looks like the tide is turning on remote work for 4 main reasons per this article from Fortune:

  1. Remote work is not conducive to new or junior employees.
  2. Remote work causes more problems.
  3. Remote workers work less hours.
  4. Remote work decreases productivity.

More and more companies are insisting their employees come back to the office!

Bosses are fed up with remote work for 4 main reasons. Some of them are undeniable.


The golden age of remote work seems to be ending. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that even tech firms (the first industry that told employees they could work from home forever just a few years ago) are getting engineers and project managers back in the office. The economic blogger Kevin Drum, formerly of Mother Jones, has taken note of the increasing anti-remote literature and is making a bold prediction about the future of remote work: There is none. Work is not going to look much different than it’s ever looked. That’s because the remote work revolution just isn’t going to materialize.